Academic Curriculum followed in MPS
At MPS, we believe in integrating the best international methods with the traditional Indian Values.
Innovations Heading
The school is a buzzing laboratory of experimentation at all levels. Our innovations are born out of our needs...
Beyond Academics
The school is a buzzing laboratory of experimentation at all levels. Our innovations are born out of our needs...

Maheshwari Public School aims at

  • Imparting excellent co-education suited to live in the global village.
  • Bringing about an all-round development of the child, giving due weight age to all the inborn potentialities in him/her.
  • Inculcating ideal values and virtues in children and enabling them to have noble social thinking and ways of life.
  • Promoting character formation and humanitarian outlook.
  • Developing awareness of love, co-operation, independence, self reliance and commitment to the poor and the needy.
  • Utilizing the resources of experts in the field of education for the benefit of the generations to come.
  • Equipping the child to be at par with his commitments to the society.
  • Providing quality education designed for the all-round development of the child, to equip him for the world of tomorrow by careful augmentation of his mind, heart and body. Intellectual, moral, social and professional enlightenment is aimed at by giving special emphasis to virtues of truthfulness, honesty, politeness, industry, simplicity and self-discipline.

Our Facilities

Library - The school has an extensive and well stocked library with fiction and non- fiction autobiographies and reference books that are accessible to the students during the school hours.

Transport - A fleet of comfortable buses managed by trained drivers ply on different routes to cater to the need of transport of students.

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Teacher & Staff

How We Work

We cater to the needs of

different children with a different approach.

Step 1
Step 2

Different Skills of children are honed

We lay emphasis on holistic development of all the students

We provide interactive learning environment

Step 3

Technology Integration

Well-integrated use of technology resources by thoroughly trained teachers makes twenty-first-century learning possible.

Technology integration is the use of technology resources -computers, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, digital cameras, software applications, Audio video Room.

When technology integration is at its best, a child or a teacher doesn't stop to think that he or she is using a technology tool. It is second nature. And students are often more actively engaged in projects when technology tools are a seamless part of the learning process.

About Us

Why We Are Better

Every child is special with his/her unique capabilities. The very objective of Maheshwari Public School is to identify this uniqueness. The school is not created to force any specialization onto a child, but to nurture the natural abilities be it artistic, analytical, scientific or linguistic.

Team's Dedication and Passion
MPS Team and staff is a team of dedicated, passionate professionals who enjoy working with children of all ages. We are devoted to the school's mission and gladly accept the responsibility of being role models to the student body.
love of learning with imaginative thinking.
We believe that a love of learning flourishes best in a diverse community that respects truth, curiosity, creativity, humor and independent, imaginative thinking.
We try to inculcate in the child qualities like strong character, true sense of duty, feeling of oneness and humility for the development of their integrated personality.
we use latest and modern technology
At MPS, we use latest and modern technology to empower our students and parents. Students will master even the most difficult concepts through interactive smart classes. Parents can track performance of their wards through various means such as Online Management Software, SMS alerts and periodic visits.
Congenial and Supportive work Environment with Disciplined Life
The spectacular campus setting, school building layout and state-of the-art facilities only add to the congenial and supportive work environment.
We follow a teaching method wherein students learn through various activities and field visits. We have extracurricular activities all throughout the year. We aspire to make our student's journey at school a beautiful memory to cherish them for a lifetime!
By joining us
You're not just joining a school.
You're inspiring a great future.
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Central Board of Secondary Education

Admission Procedure

Admission to the school is granted according to the rules and regulations of CBSE as well as of the Shree Maheshwari Shikshan Sansthan Trust, Surat, and by conditions of age, ability and conduct of the pupil.

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Guidelines for Parents

Having positive, respectful attitude towards your child's school,teachers, administrators, service staff, class mates and other parents help in return, parents too get respect and attention as positive energy attracts everyone

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Different students have different learning styles and perform differently based on the context of learning. However, continuous monitoring of a child's behavior can help in assessing and develop traits to...

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Our Torch Bearers

Shankar Lal Somani


"On the road to success, the rule is always to look ahead..."

Sanjay Gupta


We believe that the happiness, health and safety...

Rajesh Malani

Secretary, MPS LADVI

"Education is the manifestation of perfection in man."

Paul Joseph

Principal, MPS LADVI

Here at MPS, we are fully geared up to fuel the process of self growth...

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